Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey Ya'll.

Hi everyone. First, let me say how much I've missed blogging. Things have been so stupid crazy lately. And I know that's not an excuse, but still.... That's why I blog, right? Is so I can tell everyone everything going on with me... right? Right.

So, just a couple updates and an announcement. No. It's not that announcement, but, Mike & I have been working on it.

Announcement....... I'm officially a college student again. What in the world am I thinking? I've enrolled for the Fall Semester, and I'm actually taking my placement test at 1:00 pm today. I've already been approved for a Pell Grant so... Now I just have to figure out exactly what I want to be when I grow up. Any ideas?

Updates: Granny is in a rehabilitation facility in Scottsboro, so either Mom or I go see her everyday. Mike & I try to go at least twice a week together. She is his fishing buddy, and let me tell you, they are both anxious to get back to that.

Also, word has it that RTI, where Mike works, will be going back to 5 days/week in August. Yay! Most likely they'll end up on 6 or 7 day/weeks. I hope. We could seriously use some extra money.

And I know, I know, I know it was the end of May when this happened, but... Congratulations to Christian Jacob Young & Connie Shoan Tillman! They are graduates of Pisgah High School.

I'm so very proud of them both, but even more so of Connie. Don't get me wrong, CJ did an amazing job with himself... Full scholarship to Alabama and he ranked #12 in his class. But Connie, well Connie did an amazing job overcoming her adversities. She's doing so much better taking care of herself, and she's growing up. I screamed and clapped for both of them, but well, I only cried when it was Connie walking across the stage. I did have tears in my eyes for CJ, though. I'm a woman, what can I say?

Like I said, I love them both equally. I've changed both of their diapers, and babysat them. Connie was the first girl in my family (mother's side) to actually graduate high school.

So anyway, CJ & Connie... I love ya'll. I'm so, so, so very proud of ya'll. My only advice is this.

Remember who you are. Listen to your head, because you're heart is too emotional. Follow your heart anyway. Don't be what everyone else expects of you. Be yourself, and never for one second doubt that no matter how many times you screw up, how big the mistake is, and no matter how scared you are, your family loves you, and you can always count on us for support. Always. I personally, will be there for you, just call me.

Love to All,

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  1. Great post! One correction though, CJ was #10, not 12...just saying. lol When are you gonna come see us? I've got two books for you <3